How Will I Be Paid?

Eurofins CRL uses Clincard® to pay panelists for studies

What is ClinCard®?

ClinCard® is a reloadable debit card that Eurofins CRL uses to pay our panelists.

Where & How it can be used:
Participants will be able to use funds at any store accepting Mastercard®, cash back at the grocery store, or cash at an ATM (fee).

  • Important to note that restaurants, gas stations, and other establishments may pre-authorize an amount larger than what is actually being spent. The available balance needs to be able to cover that preauthorized amount.

When fees would be applied during usage:
Fees will be assessed when used at an ATM, after six months of inactivity, when requesting paper statements of activity and when replacing a card

How to get a card:
Cards will be distributed in the labs at the beginning or end of a study

How to set up your PIN:
Call 1-866-952-3795

When will I be paid?
Funds will be available between 7-10 days after the study ends.

How to Check your ClinCard® Balance

Simply visit While there you can also sign up for text alerts. You can also call 1-866-952-3795 to check your balance.

Replacing a Lost Card

If you lose your card, you will need to call 1-866-952-3795. Please note there is a fee.

Questions or Issues with your card?

Contact us at

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