Get Facebook Notifications

Each time we get a new study, we post it here on our website and on our Facebook page! However, because of how Facebook is set up, not all of our posts will make it to your newsfeed. The more interaction our posts have, the more likely they are to show up in your feed! So be sure to Like, Comment on, and Share posts that you’re interested in!

If you’d like to receive notifications when we post new studies, follow these easy steps!

1. If you haven’t already, Like us on Facebook!
2. When you Like us, move your mouse cursor over “Liked” and select “On” under ‘Notifications’. You may also wish to select “See First” so our posts will show at the top of your News Feed.

Facebook notifications

3. Next, click the Settings icon (looks like a pencil, circled above) to select which posts you’d like notifications for. Our posts are generally status updates, links, and photos.

Facebook Notification Instructions

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