P212 ADV Depilatory Product

P212 ADV Depilatory Product
Posted  October 14, 2020

START DATE10/28/2020
QUALIFICATIONSFemale ages 18 to 60 with specific hair growth

NOTE: YOU MUST wear a face mask/covering when in the ECRL facility.
* You may not bring purses or back packs into the facility at this time.
*Subjects must have 7 – 10 days of hair growth on the upper lip, under arms and bikini area (2-3 mm)*
*Subjects must routinely shave, wax or use depilatory products for hair removal*
*Subjects must wear clothing that allows easy access to your underarms and bikini area**
*Subjects must be willing to use the depilatory product while at the ECRL facility for baseline.
Group 1:
Visit 1: Wednesday, October 28    1 hour
Visit 2: Thursday, October 29   30 minutes
Visit 3: Friday, October 30  30 minutes
Visit 4: Monday, November 2   30 minutes
Group 2:
Visit 1: Wednesday, November 4    1 hour
Visit 2: Thursday, November 5  30 minutes
Visit 3: Friday, November 6    30 minutes
Visit 4: Monday, November 9   30 minutes

* be Female, ages 18 to 60, in general good health, presenting with 7 to 10 days hair growth on the upper
  lip and in the under arm and bikini areas.
* if of childbearing potential and sexually active, be using an adequate method of birth control.
* have self-perceived sensitive skin.
* be a subject who routinely shaves, waxes or uses depilatory products for hair removal.
* be willing to wear clothing to all visits that allows easy access to your underarms and bikini areas.
* agree to use chemical hair removers (depilatory) on the lip, under arm and bikini (right and left)
  areas while at the laboratory.
* be dependable and able to follow directions and usage instructions as presented by the ECRL Tech and
  be willing to participate in all study evaluations.
* agree not to introduce any new cosmetic or toiletry products during conditioning phase and for the duration
  of the study.
* if of childbearing potential, be pregnant, nursing, planning a pregnancy or using inadequate birth control.
* exhibit any irritation, abrasions, or lacerations of the lip, underarms and bikini area (right and left) at the
  baseline visit.
*have known allergies, sensitivities or previous reaction to depilatories, lotions, hair colorant products or
  ingredients found in such products.
* have excessive hair growth on the lip, underarms or bikini areas.
* have received treatment with sympathomimetics, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, non-steroidal
  anti-inflammatory agents and/or systemic or topical corticosteroids within one week prior to start of study.
* have a history of acute or chronic dermatologic, ophthalmic, medical,  and or physical conditions which, would
  preclude application of the test materials and/or could influence the outcome of the study.
* be currently taking certain medications which, in the opinion of the Principal Investigator, may interfere with
  the study.
* have known allergies to skin treatment products or cosmetics, toiletries, and/or topical drugs.
* have a history of skin cancer or be currently undergoing treatment for active cancer of any kind.
* have insulin dependent diabetes.


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