Posted  September 30, 2020

START DATE10/30/2020
QUALIFICATIONSMales Females Ages 18 to 55. Normal to Oily Skin only. Fitzpatrick Skin types I-IV
TIME REQUIREMENT5 Visits, 10/30, 11/2; 11/16; 11/20; 12/4 20 minutes in duration

Please call 732-562-1010 ext. 0 to reserve your appointment.

Appointments available 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (no appointments 12 to 1 p.m.)


Visit 1:  Friday, October 30, 20 minutes
Visit 2: Monday, November 2, 20 minutes
Visit 3: Monday, November 16, 20 minutes
Visit 4: Friday, November 20, 20 minutes
Visit 5: Friday, December 4, 20 minutes

You must wear a mask when coming to the facility.
You must bring your ECRL ID Card.
Children are not allowed at the facility unless they have a scheduled pediatric study appointment.
Bags of any sort (back packs, purses) are not permitted in the lab at this time.

* be Male or Female, ages 18 to 55, in general good health, with Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV,
  normal to oily sensitive facial skin (not dry) and be a regular user of products dedicated to sensitive facial skin.
* if Female of childbearing potential and sexually active, be using an adequate method of birth control.
* have no edema, no greater than barely perceptible erythema, and no greater than slight dryness of test sites
  at the baseline visit.
* have a normal frontal temperature lower than 37.5C/100.4F and has read and understands the information given
  regarding Coronavirus 19.
* be willing to abstain from consuming hot beverages or those containing caffeine and abstain from smoking for
  the period of one hour prior to scheduled dermal evaluations.
* agree not to introduce any new cosmetic or toiletry products during conditioning phase and for the duration
  of the study.
* be dependable and able to follow directions and usage instructions as presented by the ECRL Tech and
  be willing to participate in all study evaluations.
*  be willing to avoid sun exposure, tanning lamps, and the use of any topical products on the test area during the
 conditioning phase and for the duration of the study.
* come to the facility for each visit with a clean, makeup and product free face.
* if Female of childbearing potential, be pregnant, nursing, planning a pregnancy, or using inadequate birth control.
* present with cuts, abrasions, sunburn, on the test area or areas close to it in the beginning of the washout phase
  and products application phase.
* have any skin rash.
* have a history of acute or chronic dermatologic, ophthalmic, medical,  and or physical conditions which, would
  preclude application of the test materials and/or could influence the outcome of the study.
* have known allergies to skin treatment products or cosmetics, toiletries, and/or topical drugs.
* have a history of skin cancer or be currently undergoing treatment for active cancer of any kind.
* have insulin dependent diabetes.
* be currently taking certain medications which, in the opinion of the Principal Investigator, may interfere with
  the study.
* have received treatment with sympathomimetics, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, non-steroidal
  anti-inflammatory agents and/or systemic or topical corticosteroids within two weeks prior to start of study.
* have a history of skin cancer or be currently undergoing treatment for active cancer of any kind.
* have insulin dependent diabetes.
* have an intolerance or allergy to cosmetics, drugs or to other substances, i.e., adhesive plaster, nickel, aluminum
  that places the subject at undue risk.
* have undergone surgical, chemical or physical treatment to the concerned areas in the last 12 months or, in the
  case of liposuction, within the past 24 months.



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