Referral Bonus

Referral Information

Refer a new panelist and when they complete any study you will receive a $50 referral bonus!

You are eligible to collect this referral bonus for 6 months from the date the new Eurofins CRL ID number is issued. Please call before coming in to collect a referral bonus to ensure availability.

Full Requirements:

  • Referred panelist(s) must complete a study  and fill out a referral coupon.
  • Offer expires six months from the new panelist Eurofins CRL ID Card issue date.
  • Panelist collecting referral money must present their Eurofins CRL ID Card.
  • Please call Eurofins CRL before coming in to collect Referral Bonus to ensure availability. Referrals are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Referrals cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other offers and some restrictions may apply – please speak with our Recruiting Staff for details.
  • Referral money is counted toward your earned income at Eurofins CRL.

You do not need to be on a study to refer a panelist. You simply must be an active panelist. There are no limits to how many panelists you can refer, and the amount paid never decreases. You can refer a panelist of any qualifying age (6 months – 70 years). This offer cannot be combined with any other Special Referral Bonus.

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