BIO – P096 4hrs. Sequestered Body Study – Multiple Groups

BIO – P096 4hrs. Sequestered Body Study – Multiple Groups
Posted  February 9, 2024

START DATE02/20/2024
QUALIFICATIONSFemales Ages: 18-65

PRESCREENING IS REQUIRED in the BIO Department at our facility. Come in anytime to prescreen. 

  • Subjects are females between the ages of 18-65
  • Subject is willing to discontinue use of all body care products for the duration of the study;
  • Subject is willing to be sequestered for 4.5 hours at ECRL and willing to fast and/or be on a liquid diet for that period of time;
  • Subject is willing to stop using all products on the volar forearms and use the provided soap on the arms for all washing during the conditioning phase of the study;
  • Subject agrees not to introduce any new cosmetic or toiletry products during the study;
  • Subject is a regular user of body care products;
  • Subject’s value of forearm skin hydration should = 40 C.U. at screening process and baseline visit, defined by Corneometer®;
  • Subject is willing to wash with only water for 24 hours prior to the screening process, without using any cosmetics or drugs on the arm;
  • Subject agrees not to use any body care products 24 hours prior to their first visit and agrees not to apply anything to their body the days of their final visits;
  • Subject agrees to avoid excessive sun exposure and the use of artificial tanning methods.


Ok to be on P096 Intimate Deodorant Stick


  • Subject exhibits any tattooed cosmetics, rashes, scratches or burn marks on the test site which may interfere with the evaluation of the test sites/results;
  • Subject has forearm skin, which was infected with bacteria, viruses or fungi;
  • Subject has participated in a clinical study involving body within the last fourteen (14) days (self-reported or based on study screener);
  • Subject has traveled outside the country within fourteen (14) days prior to study start.
  • Subject reports a history of allergies to skin markers;
  • Subject has allergies or sensitivity to body oil products, similar materials, or their ingredients.
  • Speak to a Recruiter for full details

Study Groups and Dates: 

Study Hours:

8:00AM – 11:00AM

Group 1:

V1 : 2/20 – (20 mins) – Pick up

V2 : 2/27 – (4.5 hrs – Sequestered) – Baseline

V3 : 3/12 – (30 mins)


Group 2:

V1 : 2/21 – (20 mins) – Pick up

V2 : 2/28 – (4.5 hrs – Sequestered) – Baseline

V3 : 3/13 – (30 mins)


Group 3:

V1 : 2/22 – (20 mins) – Pick up

V2 : 2/29 – (4.5 hrs – Sequestered) – Baseline

V3 : 3/14 – (30 mins)


Group 4:

V1 : 2/23 – (20 mins) – Pick up

V2 : 3/01 – (4.5 hrs – Sequestered) – Baseline

V3 : 3/15 – (30 mins)


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